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Proton Packs live

Dalle 19:30 fino alle 01 sarete accompagnati dalle sonorità Punk Rock con un Dj set a cura della Lobotomy Crew e dalle 22:30 dal live dei Proton Packs che ci presenteranno il loro nuovo disco: Paradox!

P A R A D O X is the Proton Packs’ fourth full length and marks the 15th year of the band’s existence. It continues in the Ecto-Punk tradition with otherworldly lyrics and sci-fi themes. The album itself is more catchy than a shuttle probe, darker than a dying star and crunchier than a moon rock. 14 brand-new songs will take you through a time and space journey filled with tentacles, weird shapes, parallel universes and crazy mathematicians.
The PROTON PACKS have been a staple of the italian punk rock scene since 2005. They play Ecto-Punk, a lethal blend of Ramones-influenced punk rock infused with sci-fi and espionage lyrics. You might have catched a glimpse of them when they played Punk Rock Raduno Vol.2, when they rocked Bam Fest the following year or when they partied hard at their very own Lobotomy Fest in Siena. When they’re not busy playing live, they’re locked up in their secret lab preparing green and smoky concoctions, building up time machines and wasting chalk on blackboards looking for the equation to the perfect punk rock song.
Get ready to embrace the Ecto-Punk Conspiracy!

FOR FANS OF Ramones, Misfits, Lillingtons, Mugwumps and Ron Gilbert.


19 Sab

rEstateaCorte – Musi(n)Cortile – The Jackson Pollock-Live

11:00 PM

sabato 19 alle 23 direttamente da Bologna i The Jackson Pollock sono Emily (drums and vocals) e Reginald (guitar and bass)!

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18 Ven

rEstateaCorte – Musi(n)Cortile – Z/F Live – Ougan Release Party

10:00 PM

Dalle ore 22 Z+F presentano live il loro LP.

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18 Ven

Mostra fotografica “Cronache del lockdown”

06:00 PM

Fotografi in corso presenta la mostra “Cronache dal lockdown”

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17 Gio

rEstateaCorte – Scene all’aria – 45 Primavere

09:00 PM

Continua la nostra rassegna teatrale. Giovedì alle 21 teatro di narrazione adatto ad un pubblico di giovani e adulti.

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